About Us

Mayo Association Luton was founded in 1994 as a platform for the Mayo diaspora which have migrated to Luton over the years to seek employment & to promote the Irish culture in Luton. In the early days it stood to reason that this social network of its time was an invaluable forum for the Mayo folk to simply get together socially, meet new people and have fun. The primary objective of the establishment of the Mayo Association Luton was to help migrants from the county to establish their presence and identity in Luton and to help each other out both personally and professionally. Ireland has changed dramatically in the last 40 years, but thankfully the camaraderie, values and plain old fashioned good fun had by the Mayo Association Luton has not changed a bit! Our Association has grown considerably in the last number of years with a very diverse committee across all age groups with a large number of long standing members together with lots of new members, with at least one thing in common, we are all proud of our Mayo roots! For many years the association raised funds for local charities & Irish families in need of financial support due to unforeseen circumstances. We have a huge supporting network of like minded Irish people who support us at all events and fundraisers who we cant thank enough. Membership is open to anybody born in Mayo or of Mayo heritage and who are resident and/or working in Luton (United Kingdom) and we always welcome new members. The association host a number of social events throughout the year. The new blood in the Association has brought us up to speed and we are now communicating via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and we update our website regularly in relation to upcoming events and news items. So what are you waiting for, we would love to see you, we meet on the last Tuesday of every month at 8.00pm in the St. Joseph's parish centre club, Gardenia ave, Luton or check out our Events section for details on upcoming events.
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